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February 11, 2012

Protecting Your Investments With the Seal Saver Protective Cylinder Cover

Protecting Your Investments With the Seal Saver Protective Cylinder Cover

Tough economic times call for a preventive approach to equipment maintenance.  Extend your maintenance budget and the life of your cylinders with the Seal Saver protective cylinder cover.   

Resistant to heat, oil, chemicals, and water, the Seal Saver is a simple solution to a variety of hydraulic and air cylinder rod maintenance issues. This unique preventative maintenance tool can be manufactured from a wide range of materials, and is custom designed for each application to ensure the best protection for each machine.  The basic ballistic nylon models have proven effective in protecting cylinder rods from dirt, abrasions, dings, and dents, and are the most practical choice for everyday applications.  For equipment that is exposed to chemicals or high heat, the Seal Saver can be made from Kevlar, aluminized silica, silicone rubber, and other materials that are specifically designed to work in such harsh environments.  The Velcro closure and wrap-around design makes installation quick and easy—usually in fifteen minutes or less—with no disassembly of the cylinder required. 

Once installed, the Seal Saver opens and closes like an accordion as the cylinder works.  The hidden benefit of the product is that it prevents silt-sized particles from entering the hydraulic system via the rod seals.  Once in the system, these tiny particles can act as a lapping compound, causing wear to valves and pumps, and eventually damaging the entire hydraulic system.  The Seal Saver helps stop the influx of contaminants so the hydraulic system remains clean and operational, saving equipment owners time and money in repairs and unexpected downtime. 


The Seal Saver has been proven to help:

•  Extend cylinder life

•  Protect cylinders and seals from dirt, debris, and the element

•  Prevent cylinder rod scoring

•  Minimize dings and dents associated with falling debris

•  Prevent pitting from exposure to chemical

•  Reduce the risk of hazardous oil leaks 

•  Reduce particle contamination of hydraulic systems

•  Reduce downtime 

•  Cut repair costs


The Seal Saver has been successfully incorporated as a preventative maintenance tool in a variety of industries, and is being used in some of the most demanding environments around the world, including construction, mining, waste management, quarries, refineries, marinas, recycling, wind turbines, ready mix concrete, oil and gas operations, and the wood products industry.  For more information, please contact:


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