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June 3, 2011

Protecting Your Ready Mixer Truck Cylinders

Protecting Your Ready Mixer Truck Cylinders

Extend the life of your ready mix truck cylinders with the SEAL SAVER protective cylinder cover.  Available in silicone-coated Kevlar, this unique preventative maintenance tool has proven effective in protecting cylinder chrome from acid wash, road debris, and the elements.  The Velcro closure and wrap-around design makes installation quick and easy—usually in ten minutes or less—with no disassembly of the cylinder required.  In addition to keeping the cylinders and seals clean, the SEAL SAVER* also helps stop the influx of contaminants so the hydraulic system remains clean and operational, saving equipment owners time and money in repairs and unexpected downtime. 



• Has proven effective on McNeilus, Rex, Kimbal, Housby, and other machines

• Is manufactured with materials that are resistant to heat, oil, chemicals, water, and puncturing

• Can be custom-built for any application

• Has an average life expectancy of two to five years

• Can reduce the risk of hazardous oil leaks

• Prevents rod scoring and pitting due to exposure to chemicals, salt, and other corrosive agents


To learn more about the SEAL SAVER, please contact:

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