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November 20, 2011

Hose Saver Protective Hose Wrap

Hose Saver Protective Hose Wrap

Protect your hoses from abrasion, dry rot, and the elements with the Hose Saver protective hose wrap.

Made from the same sturdy materials as the Seal Saver, the Hose Saver protective hose wrap offers a simple alternative to traditional hose protectors.  Its wraparound design and Velcro closure make for a quick and easy installation with no disconnection of the hose required.  This unique preventative maintenance tool is available in a variety of diameters, and comes packaged in rolls that can be cut to fit any length.  Use it to protect a single hose, or bundle several hoses together. 


The Hose Saver protective hose wrap:

• Can be used on virtually any machine, including heavy equipment, ocean vessels, and industrial/automated machinery  

• Protects hoses from abrasion, exposure, and nicks from falling debris, resulting in fewer replacements and less downtime

• Is manufactured from a variety of materials for use in any conditions, including chemical and high heat applications

• Can be custom-made to fit any size hose diameter

• Is available in larger sizes for bundling purposes


For more information on the Hose Saver or any other application, please contact:

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