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August 4, 2011

Seal Saver Application Update - CAT 5110B mass excavator

Seal Saver Application Update - CAT 5110B mass excavator

In 2001, Yancey Bros. Company of Austell, Georgia was contracted to assist with the airport runway project at Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta.  Shortly after beginning the project, Yancey contacted Fluid Control Services regarding a problem they were having with failed bucket cylinders on their Caterpillar 5110B mass excavators.  It seemed the rocky debris in the runway work zone was denting and scoring the cylinder’s surface, allowing dirt to pass under the wiper seals and contaminate the hydraulic system.  Yancey Bros. needed a product that would protect the delicate chrome surface and hold up well in abrasive conditions without affecting the machine’s work capacity. 

The Seal Saver seemed to be the ideal solution to their problem.

Using their standard Ballistic Nylon material, Fluid Control Services manufactured a Seal Saver to protect the machine’s bucket cylinders from falling debris and abrasive dust.  Shielding the cylinder served two purposes:  1) it helped safeguard the chrome from external damage, and 2) it prevented dirt and other particulates from building up on the cylinder’s surface, making it easier for the wiper seals to keep contaminants out of the hydraulic system.  The Seal Saver’s unique wraparound design and Velcro closure made it easy for operators to mount the cover in the field without having to disassemble the cylinder or suffer lengthy downtime while the product was being installed.  It worked so well, Yancey decided to cover their fleet of CAT 5110B excavators, saving them time and money on lost work hours due to cylinder failures and replacements. 


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