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August 12, 2011

Seal Saver Application Update - CAT 836 Trash Compactor

Seal Saver Application Update - CAT 836 Trash Compactor

Several years ago, an Ohio waste management company contacted us about a Seal Saver cylinder cover for their Caterpillar 836 trash compactor.  The problem:  trash jamming in the steering cylinder. 


Using their standard ballistic nylon material, Fluid Control Services developed a Seal Saver to fit directly over the opening in the compactor.  It was attached to the body of the machine with a mounting plate, and connected to the rod using a fitted wiper seal, preventing any debris from clogging up the opening.



The SEAL SAVER* has been proven to help:

•  Extend cylinder life

•  Prevent cylinder rod scoring

•  Minimize dings and dents associated with falling debris

•  Prevent pitting from exposure to chemical

•  Reduce the risk of hazardous oil leaks 

•  Reduce particle contamination of hydraulic systems

•  Reduce downtime 

•  Cut repair costs


For more information on this or any other Seal Saver application, please contact us at:

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