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August 19, 2011

Utility Constructors, Inc Gives Seal Savers Rave Review


For more than twenty years, Fluid Control Services, Inc. has been helping companies worldwide to reduce or eliminate costly cylinder repairs and replacements with their patented “Seal Saver” protective cylinder cover. This unique preventative maintenance tool keeps dirt and debris out of the hydraulic system, reducing contamination while also protecting the cylinder from dents, rod scoring, and the corrosive properties of the chemical washes many companies use to clean heavy equipment.

Utility Constructors, Inc. in Jackson, MS, a company that specializes in sewer and water pipe work for start up subdivisions, realizes the cost effectiveness of the “Seal Saver.” Prior to installing the product on their rolling stock, they were spending approximately $3000.00 a month replacing or repairing cylinder rods. When you add in the cost of renting a machine for a day or two and the lost productivity due to downtime, you’re talking about some serious money.

Mr. Mike Pattridge, the equipment maintenance manager at Utility Constructors, is very familiar with the fuss and frustration that accompanies cylinder failure. With over thirty earthmoving machines, as well as many other types of support equipment, the cost of rod replacement became a real concern, especially on their excavators.

“We were replacing rods once every month or so on at least one of our trackhoes,” says Pattridge. “The dirt and debris that comes in contact with the rod, as well as the occasional operator that nicks a trench box or something, was costing us money in cylinder repairs. The “Seal Saver” has saved us a lot of money. Since we started putting them on, we haven’t had a rod nicked, haven’t had to repack the first cylinder or replaced a rod or anything – not even on the machine with the five year old “Seal Saver” on it.”

When asked about the initial cost of protecting their equipment with the “Seal Saver,” Pattridge said, “Just do the math. It costs about $325.00 for a “Seal Saver” as opposed to approximately $3000.00 for a new rod. It’s well worth the investment. We have a Cat 325 that has over 9,800 hours on it. It still has the original “SEAL SAVER” that we put on it when it was new, as well as the original cylinder. We also have a Cat 312 with over 4,500 hours on it. I know the “Seal Saver” has been soaked with hydraulic oil a hundred times, but the Velcro still holds well, the “Seal Saver” is all in one piece, and it’s still protecting the rod. I figured after a while of being oil soaked, it wouldn’t hold up. But amazingly, it has.”

“These things are really easy to install and stay securely on the cylinder, too”, he adds. “If you put them on the way they were designed to be installed, you’ll never have a problem with one. I’ve never had one come loose or tear. They’re tough and easy to install. I had one of my guys, who had never installed a “Seal Saver” before, put one on in five minutes. Anyone can do it.”

The product worked so well on Utility Constructors’ excavators, Mr. Pattridge started installing them on his Case backhoe loaders. He is also interested in protecting his hydraulic hoses with the “Hose Saver”. Made from the same materials as the “Seal Saver”, the “Hose Saver” protects hoses from wear, dry rot, chemicals, abrasion, and the elements. “My plans are to start putting “Hose Savers” where the hydraulic hoses run through the frame of my machines,” he says.

Would Mr. Pattridge recommend the “Seal Saver” to other companies concerned about cylinder failure? “I’m a big advocate of these products,” Mike says. “I think that anyone who takes just one look at the “Seal Saver” will buy them. For that matter, if anyone wants to look at the “Seal Savers” on my machines, they’re more than welcome. They may be oil-soaked, dirty, and old, but they’re still doing their job.”


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