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September 15, 2011

Seal Saver Application Update - Telescoping Cylinders

Seal Saver Application Update - Telescoping Cylinders

The Seal Saver cylinder cover has proven to protect the delicate chrome on cylinders for heavy equipment, but did you know it can also be used to protect industrial telescoping cylinders? 


This Seal Saver was installed on a multi-stage truck dumper cylinder at a Frito-Lay plant.  With their constant exposure to outdoor particulates and the elements, the hydraulic cylinders on this type of equipment are susceptible to pitting and rust.  Pitting makes the cylinder’s surface uneven and abrasive.  Over time, it can wear down the cylinder seals, allowing dirt, dust, and other contaminants to enter the hydraulic system.  Once in the system, these particulates can wear down valves and pumps, and lead to premature system failure.

The Seal Saver stops cylinder pitting due to dings, dents, and the elements, which helps prevent wear of the seals.  By keeping the cylinder’s surface smooth and clean, the seals are able to repel moisture and particulates much more efficiently—and that results in cleaner oil, less wear on internal components, and a longer life for the entire hydraulic system. 

No cylinder is too large or too small for this unique preventative maintenance tool.  The Seal Saver is custom-made for every application, resulting in a perfect fit every time.  Its wrap-around design and Velcro closures makes installation quick and easy, with no disassembly of the cylinder required. 

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