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November 11, 2011

Seal Saver Application Update - CAT 400 Series Stabilizer

Seal Saver Application Update - CAT 400 Series Stabilizer

Fluid Control Services, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of the “Seal Saver” preventative cylinder cover.  This unique product is currently being utilized on heavy equipment with great results!  Resistant to water, chemicals, heat and oil, it protects the seals and cylinders, and can result in less downtime and fewer repairs.  Installation is quick and easy, taking less than fifteen minute for most applications.  The “Seal Saver” securely attaches to the rod and cylinder head using only a screwdriver—no disassembly of the cylinder required!


  • Premature cylinder failure
  • Rod scoring
  • Particle contamination of the hydraulic system
  • Damaged cylinder seals
  • Dings and dents from falling rocks and debris
  • Costly unscheduled downtime


For more information on this or any other Seal Saver application, please contact:

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