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November 18, 2011

Seal Saver Application Update - Construction Equipment

Seal Saver Application Update - Construction Equipment

The problem:  premature hydraulic system failure due to particulate and moisture contamination via worn cylinder seals

With their constant exposure to dirt, particulates, and the elements, the hydraulic cylinder seals used on heavy equipment are susceptible to frequent wear.  Dirt and other contaminants can adhere to exposed cylinder rods, making the surface uneven and abrasive.  Over time, the dirt continues to build up, eventually wearing down the cylinder seals and allowing contaminants to enter the hydraulic system.  Once in the system, these particulates act as a lapping compound, which can wear down valves and pumps, and lead to premature system failure.


The solution:  Install the Seal Saver protective cylinder cover

The Seal Saver stops the buildup of dirt and other abrasive materials on the cylinder, which helps prevent wear of the seals.  By keeping the cylinder’s surface smooth and clean, the seals are able to repel moisture and particulates much more efficiently—and that results in cleaner oil, less wear on internal components, and a longer life for the entire hydraulic system. 


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