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Protective Cylinder Cover

Seal Saver hydraulic cylinder protective boots create an impenetrable barrier between your hydraulic seals, rods & cylinders and the elements that cause damage. Save time, money & increase the life of your hydraulic cylinders by up to 3 times. With multiple heat & chemical tolerant material options, Seal Saver protects your hydraulic cylinders in virtually any working environment.

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Seal Saver Hydraulic Seal Protective Boot
Ballistic Nylon
Temperature Tolerance - Max 250° Constant
Ballistic nylon is a synthetic nylon fabric used to manufacture a variety of items. The material is woven from nylon yarns of various denier (weight), with the double weave 1050 denier fabric being most durable for its weight level. It is resistant to abrasion and tearing, and is backed with polyurethane (which aids in waterproofing), making it the perfect fabric for protective applications.
Flame Resistance - 2 Seconds
100% Kevlar fiber light weight fabric woven in a 3/1 left hand twill pattern, woven face down. Fabric is coated on both sides with medium gray silicone rubber. Resistant to some chemicals and solvents.
Silica with Red Silicone Rubber
Temperature Tolerance - 1800° F Continuous
A woven continuous filament amorphous silica fabric featuring red silicone rubber coating one side (available double sided). Applications include pad fabrics, valve covers, curtain materials and damage control cloth. Resistant to most chemicals. Good thermal protection to temperatures of 1800°F, base cloth only.
11 oz. Aluminized Cloth
Temperature Tolerance - 50° - 500° F Constant
A woven fabric of an Aramid fiber blend over a carbon core yarn, aluminized on one side. Applications include safety clothing, gloves, mitts, jackets, curtains, and other industrial applications. Resistant to reflected heat sources, offers excellent thermal protection for safety garments.

Heat Tolerant
Material Options

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Quick & Easy Installation

Installs in minutes. No cylinder disassembly.

Key Benefits & Features
  • Protects Cylinder from Dirt & Corrosion
  • Extends the Life of Cylinders 3X
  • Saves Time & Money on Costly Repairs
  • Multiple Heat Tolerant Material Options
  • Prevents Scoring & Seal Damage
  • Custom Fitted to Your Machinery
Seal Saver Downloadable Spec Sheet
April 10, 2012

If you are interested in protecting a machine not listed on our site, please use the Seal Saver Spec Sheet to record the measurements of the equipment you would like to protect, and fax it to 770.509.5832 along with your contact information."

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